I'm Not The Way You Think I Am (skankinrudekid) wrote in ska_is_dead,
I'm Not The Way You Think I Am


Hello people,well The Ska Is Dead Tour already pass by my town (Miami) with The Planet smashers,Catch 22,Mustard Plug and my favorite band ever "Big D And The Kids Table"well since a lack of a ride ,i couldn't go.............I never felt such a failure in my life,sense of lost -_- ,Big D wont come around my town for a very long time .

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HEY! i cant believe i found this! i have these posters all over my room and the stickers and everything. They came by Orlando also and i couldnt make it but my boyfriend went and he got me a big d shirt. they are also my most favorite band ever. dont worry they are going to the warped tour.. you should try and make it there. we have a lot in common you should add me and such id like to get to know you.